CONC’RN, one of the leading NGOs working in collaboration with the Railway Children (U.K.), is earnestly trying to bring some meaning to the lives of these deprived, neglected children.      

We envision to Create a society where in, every child at risk on the street can avail equal opportunities & a safe environment.
These unaccompanied children are 

very vulnerable and are in need of care & protection.                              

Our long term objections are to bring disadvantaged street & slum children into mainstream life & to empower them through education, health programmes, skill development &        

training, recreational &

cultural activities& sensitize them about their legal rights.


CONC’RN has its humble beginning on the platforms of NJP station in 2003.

Many children on the platforms seemed to have made the streets & railway stations their home. They survive by means of begging, sweeping in trains, checking trains for lost or abandoned goods and most of the times for food. They were evidently a helpless and lost ‘tribe’. Life is certainly not a bed of roses for these little souls.

It was first realized that the first and the most urgent problem for them was – not having a shelter. The notion of “covered house” becomes difficult to define as the children slept under the Platform Bridge which are technically covered structures but from where children can be driven out any time. Moreover some children with families have such ramshackle congested huts that it is better to sleep outside in the open. A solution was found and on 28th of July, 2003 children walked into a shelter that was ‘warm’, for the first time.

The main objective of CONC’RN is to mobilize these children into the mainstream of the society, with access to shelter, education, nutrition, hygiene, recreation, career guidance & regular health check ups.

All these services are imparted through our specially designed series of projects managed by professional teachers, counselors & doctors.


Today CONC’RN is a familiar name for children living around the railway tracks, yards & slums. To meet the increasing demand we extend our network in & around NJP.

The journey has just begun & we have miles to go to meet our goal of providing quality of life to hundreds of underprivileged children.

We seek your generous support & help. Even the smallest action will have an effect, chances are that you may not have the idea how far your contribution would stretch.

Come lets get together to ensure that these children enjoy their basic rights- to live, to learn, to play, to express, to simply enjoy their childhood.

Which is why we at CONC’RN, are counting on your partnership & support to create a world in which all children are born & treated equal.

A world that is rightfully theirs.




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Would like to connect to know more about the organisation and policies

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